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Gradeschool Brains’ “Brand Spankin’ New” Teachers Pay Teachers Store

Gradeschool Brains’ “Brand Spankin’ New” Teachers Pay Teachers Store

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So I’ve joined the new movement! A few years back I went and created my pinterest account (www.pinterest.com/SchoolBrains) for which I am EXTREMELY grateful since I have been able to share resources with so many! Not too long after that, I started PreschoolBrains as a classroom website for my preschool parents. Once I started teaching first grade, I revamped it and created the great, the magnificent, the incomparable… and totally-in-need-of-work-since-I-am-still-new-to-this-blogging-scene Gradeschool Brains! I would venture to say I’ve come a long way considering how not-very-techie I am. But that is about to change! And so I am very excited for the new networks that I have joined and the many doors that continued to open throughout this past few years.

I have been creating things for my own classroom for a few years now. Last year, I came across Teachers Pay Teachers (TPT) and found some awesome resources. I told myself how great it would be to share my own creations with other teachers and set my heart out to do it… p r e t t y  s o o n. Soon came and went and nothing ever came of it- until this week when I finally made the time.

With the back to school craze taking over me (and many teachers… and parents!) I set out to look for resources as I do every year. Of course, I landed on a fellow teacher’s Teachers Pay Teachers account. The thought came back that I should probably start working on my own account. And lo and behold, here I am! For the past week, I have slept fewer hours than usual with excitement. I have many ideas for great units and products to post on my brand spankin’ new TPT store. It’ll also work as a great way to share my classroom visuals with parents (FREE of course 🙂 ).

Currently I am working on my own seasonal and back-to-school cliparts. (Yes! I made the little apple with the worm hanging out of it on the picture above… completely digital and from scratch. Whoever thought I had it in me 😉 ). I am very excited for the months ahead and truly look forward to sharing some of my new work with you guys. Let the new school year begin!!!

PS. Would you like to take a peek? I have posted my first free product! Go to https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Store/Gradeschool-Brains. Tell me what you think 😉