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It Feels Like Christmas in our Classroom!

It Feels Like Christmas in our Classroom!

Christmas season is here! And while so much is happening in our classroom… lessons to teach, classwork to complete, reevaluations to schedule, strategies to implement, data to record, etc., etc., etc…. there is always time to join in the holiday fun and make memories while we deck the [walls] 🙂

So here is a collection of some of the things we do in our classroom during Christmas time. Many ideas have been taken from Pinterest, while others have been a compilation of ideas that Ms. Crystal (my wonderful paraprofessional) and I have put together over the years (whether individually or collectively).

Ornament Making

We have our students create their own ornaments to decorate the classroom tree. There is nothing better than bragging about how my students made their own ornaments 😉 Plus, for our Family Christmas Activity, these go home with our kiddos so that they can be displayed in their own home. {More info on the ornaments we’ve made coming soon…}

Christmas Artwork Displays

Creating Christmas art is the best! Better than lights and red + green pre-made decorations, is student-made work. These help to create the Christmas atmosphere in the classroom while displaying colorful student-made artwork. (Notice the ‘light it up blue’ light bulbs had to make an entrance in December!) {More info on the artwork we’ve made coming soon…}

Christmas Group Effort Decorations

Every year there are special Christmas displays that require group effort. This year, we created student mistletoe[s] which hang from the ceiling above each corresponding child, a wreath using student hand-print cutouts, and stockings made out of paper which students had to lace with yarn (displayed above from left to right, respectively). {More info on the collective decorations coming soon…}

Teacher-Made Displays

I am absolutely in love with this chimney made completely from paper that Ms. Crystal made years ago. She has kept it for many years and it has adorned our classroom the last two years. Last year, it was displayed on the wall under the “Student Work” board. This year, for lack of space, we were ‘forced’ to think outside the box and placed it on our big book furniture. What an excellent idea it was! It gives this paper display more dimension and adds character to our small classroom. Of course the Christmas lights hidden behind the chimney fire also help to give it life 🙂

Christmas Pictures

Utilizing the our Christmas tree and chimney, we created our very own Christmas photo shoot display! This is new this year. We plan to print these out and gift them to the parents. Aren’t they adorable?!

There is always something due or things that MUST be done. However, we should never forget to take the time and create with out students and children. Their [unique] artwork and [super cute] pictures are memories that you can turn to year after year. Years pass, children grow, seasons change, but the memories you create with your little ones will last a lifetime! 🙂