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Standard and Some Gabble About Reasearch

Why should you read through the following article? What’s in it for you? Read on!

As a high school student, I often dreaded the idea of having to write research papers. I found them boring and wordy. Reading research may not be the easiest thing to do but it’s absolutely worth it- if you choose the right one that is. It wasn’t until I entered college and was forced to practice, and later became a teacher for students with disabilities, that I realized the importance of staying informed and up-to-date with information that could help us make more educated decisions and understand essential topics better. For instance, you may have to put up with very long run-on sentences like the one I just used and, although, perhaps a difficult task, researching information will allow you to make more informed decisions. I love finding science-based and research-based data. I guess you could say I’m a bit geeky! But information, especially research-based one never hurt anyone, right?

Okay. That was my disclosure for the day. On to the actual article!

The following information is factual information that could help society make better conclusions and assessments for interventions and decision-making.  What role does family play in student achievement? A very important one! I have included this link unto Gradeschool Brains because I find it quite valuable to understand the variables that could play a role in children academic, social and emotional success. This is essentially even more important for our students with disabilities as they already have certain shortcomings in the areas of communication, behavior and social interactions among others. This website provides analyzed data regarding family research and the impact that family has on society. I find this to be critical information to share, as the values that we hold as a family help our little ones grow up with values of their own. This website also provides access to an extensive library of findings and scholarly articles and journals to help you stay up to date with the research.  Here I have included some research briefs to help you get started with your search for information. Simply click the links to read the files posted. Feel free to leave comments and ask questions. Begin your research quest and find more about the impact your family has on your child.