Mrs. Annie

I have been a special education teacher since I graduated with my Bachelors in 2011. For these past 4 years I have worked with students with developmental disabilities- specifically children with Autism Spectrum Disorder. I have three words to say about it: I LOVE IT! The level of responsibility is tremendous but I love being a resource for families and an advocate for students on the spectrum. I have worked with toddlers in preschool and am currently working with first graders in an Autism Academy within a public school in South Florida. It is a challenge daily to find what makes my students tick but it is with great pride that I say, “I love what I do!”. Perhaps that’s the reason I created this site- as well as PreschoolBrains. I’d like to share my experiences, strategies that worked, and my great epiphanies- I actually have those from time to time. I am married to my best friend, Sel, and have the most beautiful mutt in the world, Jambi. Join me in my journey to find out more about this mysterious field and together we’ll share many adventures. Welcome to Gradeschool Brains!


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