My Favorite Piece of Furniture

My Favorite Piece of Furniture

There is a piece of furniture in my house that is definitely my favorite. I keep it in my bedroom where I place my jewelry and hair accessories. It is such a unique and exceptional piece of furniture, however, that I would love to find something to replace its use in my bedroom, in an effort to move it to the living room where it can be showcased.  It’s a tall and narrow one-door cabinet with a set of 8 drawers. It is made of wood and it has a dark brown Mahogany color with the distinguishing carving of a flower on the cabinet. This piece is my favorite not only because it is appealing to the eye, but also because it was given to me by my parents. Two years ago, when I married my husband, we moved into a small apartment and had nothing to furnish it. Around the same time, my parents were moving to a new location and they came across the wooden set of drawers for which this post was written. My mom was cleaning out and getting rid of things in order to have fewer items in their new home. The things they were disposing of, they would offer to us so that we could have some furniture to begin organizing our first home. The Mahogany set of drawers was one of these such pieces of furniture.My Favorite Piece of Furniture

This year, my husband and I were blessed with the purchase of our first house where my favorite furniture is now located. My parents have been coming faithfully to our place almost every week to help us with anything that may need to be fixed around our fixer-upper. Just a coupe of days ago, during one of their ritualistic visits, I told my mom about my desire to move the set of drawers to my living room. I told her about how much I liked that particular piece of furniture and how I was not really sure why they would even want to get rid of it. Her response left me a bit confused, initially, and later made me open my eyes to the reality of being a parent. She said that they were not planning to get rid of it. That they in fact loved that piece of furniture very much but that because they knew I needed some furniture, they went ahead and offered me the one they really liked. This was new to me. For the past two years, I’ve thought that my parents simply got rid of the beautiful set of drawers and gave it to me. A furry of thoughts came to my mind with this new revelation- what else have they given to me just because, that they would have otherwise kept? For one, their time!

Mami & Papi

No amount of words can describe how thankful I am to my parents for everything they’ve done for me. Just as I’m sure– although I’m not a parent yet– that no amount of words can describe the love a parent has for a child. It may seem like such a simple concept: giving a piece of furniture; giving to others; giving the best; giving as an act of love; giving, giving, giving.The conversation I had with my mom that day may have seemed so worldly; almost ordinary. But I learned so much! Parenting is about giving your time, your best, your life, yourself for your little ones and your not-so-little ones.  I was immediately compelled to write a post on it. This blog is not only geared toward other fellow teachers but also toward parents. So this post in specific is to thank all of the parents who have given their children their best piece of furniture, and all of the parents who ever will. Thank you for spending a lifetime doing what you knew would be the best for your children. Thank you for giving them the best and for dreaming of giving them the most. Your children would not be who they are today if it wasn’t for you.


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Special education teacher for amazing children with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Wife to a handsome, wonderful teacher-to-be and mommy of a beautiful rescued mutt. I have a passion for education, but my biggest devotion is Christ.

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